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SharePoint Group Browser - Web Service Based - Beta
This is a SharePoint Web Service Based Tool which can help you to find :
1. SharePoint Groups in Your Site
2. Users/Members in the SharePoint Group
3. Key and Important Feature: Helps you to Find SharePoint Groups to Which User Belongs

The 3rd point above have actually encouraged me to make this tool.

The Above mentioned points are the generic ones which we want to in our project development.
If today, I tell you to find a certain user to which all groups he belongs to, you will have to go to Site Actions-->People and Groups, then iterating through Groups to find which all members belongs to that group and also side by side keeping a track of your findings.

With this, your work is made easy. And this is Web Service Based,no need to take .exe to machine.
You can work on your machine.

Kindly let me know if you find this tool helpful

Prakash Idnani
I can be reached @

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